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The standards of hygiene in major hotels are in line with international standards but be careful when visiting independent restaurants or street vendors who sell food.

Do not drink local water unless necessary. It is always advisable to buy bottled water which is widely available. Be sure to check that the seal is intact to ensure that the bottle has not been refilled with tap water and buy from reputable sources. Remember that ice in our drinks is likely to come from the local water supply so it is safer to buy chilled drinks rather than adding ice.

Make sure you have repatriation insurance.

Malaria is a serious and potentially fatal disease endemic to the region. It is transmitted by infected mosquitoes. Symptoms my include any or all of fever, chills, sweating, headache, diarrhoea and abdominal pains.

You must take preventative medication : Ask your doctor.

Courses of pills need to be taken typically two weeks before you go and two weeks after you get back. Pills don't prevent you getting the disease, but work to supress its effects within the body. You must therefore maintain the levels in your system at all times.

In addition it is essential that travellers take all possible precautions to avoid this disease. Remember that mosquitoes are most active during the evening and night. The following steps can be taken to reduce the risk of mosquito bites;

wear light coloured clothing - mosquitoes don't like to be seen
wear long trousers and long sleeved shirts
use mosquito repellents on all exposed skin.
avoid wearing perfumes or aftershaves which overpower the mosquito repellant smell
take great care to see that your mosquito net is properly closed at night and take care when you get up in the night to go to the toilet.
take your pills religiously and beware if you are vomitting or have diarrhoea, because your defence levels may drop

If infection is suspected medical advice should be sought immediately. Malaria is detectable with a simple blood screen, but the sample is best taken during a high cycle of the fever, when the infection is at its most active.

The following vaccinations are recommended for international travelers in Africa


Vacc. Duration
Diptheria & Tetanus 10 Year Booster Long Stay Visitors, rural travel
Polio 10 Year Booster Recommended
Hepatitis A Upto 10 Years Recommended
Hepatitis B   For extended travel or high risk
Typhoid Upto 10 Years Recommended
No longer recommended. Only necessary if travelling from infected countries, but make sure you have a vaiver certificate from your doctor just in case customs ask for it
Meningitis A & C 3 Years Long Stay Visitors, rural travel
Yellow Fever Upto 10 Years Recommended
Rabies   Long Stay Visitors, rural travel
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